As a keen guardian of taste and of nature, Cuyen produces its fruit specialities by means
of traditional cooking methods and using only natural and organic ingredients.

The following are the basis for Cuyen’s gourmet quality products and the reason it has obtained prestige and recognition:

No chemicals
Cuyen uses no agro-chemicals at all: no fertilisers, herbicides or chemical soil improvers.
This ensures long-term sustainability and guarantees that its produce is innocuous, posing
no threat to the health of the consumers. The processing of bottled products is also completely organic. Cuyen uses no artificial additives such as colourings, preservatives and the like.

Best quality fruit
Soft fruits are renowned for their nutritional and healing properties (high in Vitamin C, fibre
and potassium), which are enhanced when they are grown and processed without introducing
alien substances. Cuyen’s fresh fruit has won many awards at the Feria Nacional de la Fruta Fina (Argentina's national soft-fruit exhibition); it is that same award-winning fruit that is used for
our processed products.

Purity of water
Cuyen not only abstains from the use of chemical additives; the water it employs for irrigation
and processing comes straight from high-mountain snowmelt. This doubly ensures the production of healthy fruit, with its nutritional and healing properties intact.

Traditional cooking methods
Products are made by hand, in small batches, which allows jar-by-jar control. Cooking takes place
in open pans, on a slow fire, stirring gently with wooden spoons so as to preserve all the natural qualities of the fruit.

Total quality control
The quality of Cuyen's production is permanently monitored with the technical assistance of professionals who ensure that best manufacturing practices are employed, and that a close watch
is kept on the critical points of the processing chain.

Organic certification
CUYEN’s fruit plantation has been certified by Argencert since 1996; the processing plant, since 1997. Argencert
is an IFOAM-accredited certifier of organic production.

Argentina is one of seven countries acknowledged by
the European Union as having equivalent organic standards. Organic certified products from Argentina can be imported into the EU without the need of issuing an import licence
for each shipment.

Cuyen also complies with the United States’ NOP (National Organic Program) and its products are certified as
USDA Organic.

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