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  Cuyen is in El Hoyo (“the hole”), a Patagonian locality which lies next to the river Epuyén and is nestled among the Pirque and the Currumahuida mountains. On entering El Hoyo, a sign reads "Welcome to the National Capital for Soft Fruit".

El Hoyo is in the Andean range of parallel 42, to the south east of Argentina. This is the region of the great national parks: Nahuel Huapi, Lago Puelo, Los Alerces, a spectacular backdrop
of lakes and mountain rivers surrounded by virgin forests.

Settlements like El Hoyo occupy small valleys ringed by mountains and garlanded with native plant species like the arrayán, maitén, radal and lenga. The contrast between the short, cold days of winter and the long, sun-drenched ones of summer endow the fruit with its incomparable size, colour and taste.

Patagonia's well-earned international reputation as an almost virgin area is the real secret of our range of highly differentiated and hard-to-match products.

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Comparative advantages
Cuyen’s geographic location, the micro-climate of El Hoyo (with an altitude of 200 metres above sea level), its pattern of rainfall and the fertility of a soil
untouched by agro-chemicals, all combine to provide unique advantages:
. Optimal conditions for plant health.
. Uncontaminated surroundings.
. The active commitment of the local population to preserve
. The environment and natural methods of production.
. The ability to produce natural foodstuffs with distinctive
. flavour, colour and aroma.
. An organic output that has merited special interest
. Classification by the municipality of El Hoyo.

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