Cuyen products in Argentina can be found across
the country in the deli or organic sections of the following supermarkets: CARREFOUR and WAL-MART.

In Buenos Aires, they are stocked by a wide variety of gourmet and organic shops, such as , NATURAL DELI and other ones.

The best hotels have added Cuyen to their gastro offering: HOTEL ALVEAR PALACE (Chef Jean Peaul Bondoux's boutique), HOTEL PARK HYATT BUENOS AIRES, SOFITEL LA RESERVA CARDALES and AXEL HOTEL BUENOS AIRES.

In Patagonia, Cuyen's home, our products are available in tourist centres and specialized local markets.

Cuyen can also be found in the DUTY FREE SHOPS of Argentina's main airports and in organic and gourmet exhibitions.

Delivery: In the city and in Greater Buenos Aires (including country clubs and condos), Cuyen can be delivered to your door by JARDIN ORGANICO - Healthy by nature.

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