Extra Jams
We use only two ingredients: organic fruit and organic cane sugar. Nothing else. We do not add anything. Not even pectin
or water. Our extra jams are made with 55% single variety fruit. Because of this “extra” high proportion of fruit, we achieve heavy textures and an explosion of fruity flavour.
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Fruit Spreads
These spreads are sweetened using only organic concentrated grape juice, with no added sugar and no additives, flavourings
or colourings. Cuyen’s fruit spreads are at the standard of our extra jams, in texture and flavour, and produce the same enchanting spell!
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Fruits in Light Syrup
Fruits are selected one by one for their size, colour and consistency. They are placed in a light, diluted syrup, made
of organic cane sugar and natural spring water. Each jar of fruits in light syrup contains a delicious dessert, to be eaten by itself or with cream or ice cream.
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Made with organically-certified fruit and sugar, plus onions, vinegar, chilis, nuts and spices. These fruity chutneys highlight the flavour of entreés or main dishes, and are an excellent accompanniment to cheese. They have a sweet taste of berries and at the same time the spicy-sour kick of the other ingredients, a mix sure to tantalize the taste buds!
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The Cuyen Philosophy
Cuyen is a way of life in which gastronomy and nature are
one and the same.

We believe that the best nutrients and the best flavours come directly from the earth.

We look after the earth, making it better by natural means, so that it will continue to give.

We process the gifts of the earth in an artisan way, with
the aim of obtaining the best quality, both for the well being and the pleasure of our customers.

We believe that traditional cooking methods, some of which have been around for many, many years, are part
of the human legacy; and we preserve them, making innovations and variations.

We collaborate with neighbours and local authorities in preserving the environment and the quality of life.

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Multilingual Dictionary of Soft Fruits

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